Here’s how your Investment in YMH 10 step personal cashflow program pays
for itself over & over again.

By creating a financial blueprint for the future that allows you to see all your bills, living expenses, income and irregular future expenses in the one place can help identify leaks and plug them up. “Small leaks can sink great ships”

1. Groceries:
As a Spending Planner I have seen a big variety in the amount households spend on groceries. Whether people know how much they spend per week or not this area is almost always the one that overspending occurs in.

Ways to trim back
• Have a plan- Know what you need and how much.                Saving potential: $30 pw
• Buy in bulk                                                                                      Saving potential: $15 pw
• Buy generic on just a few non-branded items                         Saving potential: $5+ pw
• Freeze meals & use when tired instead of takeaway.             Savings potential $20+ pw
Savings per year $3,640 +

2. Paying Bills on time:
There a several potential savings in this area. At the end of the day these fees do absolutely nothing to enhance your life. Buying pizza would be much more rewarding!

• Late payment fees average $15. Just two per month will set you back            $30pm
• Direct Debit dishonour fees $15 a time. At 2 per month that’s another          $30pm
• Missing 25% discount on electricity/gas average bills of $500                          $125pq
Getting bills paid on time potential savings per year                                            $1,220pa

3. Having a weekly allowance:
This strategy has huge potential for savings.                              Savings potential: $50+pw
Knowing how much is workable for your budget                       Savings per year $2,600
helps you avoid overspending and the need to use credit.

4. Reducing Debt:
Pay off your credit cards. Making minimal monthly                   Savings potential: $1, 997
payments of $60 on a $3,00 credit card balance                     + almost 7yrs of repayments
ends up costing almost $2,000 in interest payments

    Potential savings 1yr: $9,457

These are just a few ways joining the Spending Planner Program can improve your cashflow’s bottom line.

It is our absolute promise to you that the investment you make is a fraction of what interest, late fees and overspending are costing you now. We have payment plans you can opt to use and all costs will be accounted for in your spending plan.

If you’re ready to make the change like our very happy customers have then Book Here for Cashflow Workshop or Request a Call back for our Individual Program.