You keep trying to make a change but nothing seems to stick. 

    • Reading books about budgets- maybe Barefoot Investor
    • Read books about mindsets- maybe Rich Dad Poor dad
    • Tried many versions of excel spreadsheet
    • Tried to set goals or change your “bad” habits
    • Cut downto the basics


All that effort and it still doesn’t make a long-term difference to the quality of your life. If only you could just get your hands on some more money. 


For far too long we have been convinced that money matters are about dollars and cents and if we could just get our hands on some more then we’d have no more problems. Unfortunately it isn’t quite that simple. 

It takes a combination of several things  



What are the Benefits of a Spending Plan?

  1. Know where you’re money is going & save on late fees or forgotten direct debts for services you no longer use
  2. Pay upfront for products & services and receive a discount
  3. Achieve your financial goals – A house, new car, travel, become debt free
  4. Save a fortune in mindless spending
  5. Reduce frustration, stress and endless worry
  6. Reduce strain on relationships
  7. Relieve the physical symptoms of stress
  8. Feel Successful
  9. Feel in control of your life
  10. Improve Self Esteem
  11. Improve Physical and Mental Well Being
  12. Gain a sense of Well-being
  13. Gain a sense of security
  14. Be able to help others less fortunate

You might ask how can a Spending Plan achieve all that. It is amazing what financial stress and worry can do to you. You need only search the internet, pick up a book, speak to a doctor or mental health specialists to discover just how damaging stress and worry can be to your health and relationships. According to AMP’s 2016 Financial Wellness Report more than one in every four Australian’s with a job struggled to make ends meet. Financial Stress and disagreements about money are a leading cause of divorce and relationship breakdowns. Unresolved issues about money can lead to anger, blame, arguments and relationship intimacy problems.

Who can benefit from the Spending Planner Program?

REGULAR INCOME EARNERS- It doesn’t seem to matter if we are low, medium or high income earners, for most of us our spending matches our income. It is essential to control expenses and plan for short, medium and long term goals. This doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. We just factor fun in. Instead of wondering where all your hard earned money went, you can work towards spending on purpose and achieving the things in life you really want.

SELF EMPLOYED PEOPLE/CASUAL WORKERS- Your income can go up and down but the bills don’t stop. Using our program you can know how much you need to earn and by when to manage your finances throughout the year.

SEASONAL WORKERS- Know exactly how much you need to earn during peak season to support yourself through the off season.

PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WORK LESS – Aren’t sure if you can afford to work less. You will know with certainty how much you need to maintain your lifestyle.

FAMILIES- There are a lot of expenses to manage within a family. We want the very best for our children but it isn’t always easy to do. Using our program you’ll have the opportunity to see just how far you can stretch your budget to cater for everyone’s needs. You may be planning to go from two incomes to one. Find out ahead of time just how that will look for you.

A BURNING DESIRE- Wanting to save for a house, car, overseas holiday, trip of a lifetime or a wedding. With our program you will see both how much you can dedicate to your goal and how soon you will achieve it.

ARE YOU IN DEBT- and would like to get out and stay out of debt.

OR Anyone who would like to experience the benefits listed above.

We show you how to set up your plan, how to use our specialised software, work towards achieving your goals and provide ongoing support.

A Spending Plan looks into the future and shows you what your financial     future looks like. Having a spending plan is like adding a GPS to your finances.

                            We all spend money and we all make financial decisions everyday.

                                   Let your decisions help you make the most of your money.

                                Spending planners are here to help you enjoy life NOT stifle it!

 If you’re ready to change your life click here to book an appointment or drop us a line