To help people live the best life they can and enjoy healthier, happy relationships.

When people are in a better place, they are more fulfilled and supportive of others, leading to a better world for us all.

At Your Money Habit we place immense value on people and on improving their lives by improving their day to day cash flow. Whether we like it or not, we have to live with money. It makes the world go round and no matter what family or neighbourhood you grew up, wealthly or poor, money is on your mind.

In 2006, Founder Amira MacCue began her own journey towards solving her own family’s stress. Not having been taught how to manage money lead to debt and chronic stress and worry. Like, over 30,000 other people she started using the Spending Planner system with amazing results and a new outlook on life and her family’s potential.

In 2016 she trained with the Spending Planner Institute to become a Certified Spending Planner and teach other people how they can achieve financial success.

We all strive for Success with Money, unfortunately not too many people ever actually achieve that goal.

Don’t let that be you.

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