Making a difference

I’m Amira MacCue, founder of Your Money Habit. My mission is to help people be able to wake up everyday knowing that all their bills are paid on time, they feel secure about their future and are enjoying quality time with family and friends.

I was motivated to start the business because I grew up in a family that was constantly worried about money and that then translated into financial worries as an adult too. In 2005 I’d had enough of living in fear- fear of the future for myself and my family, fear of creditors asking for money I didn’t have, fear that I was a failure.

I decided to search for a better way and found it. After achieving success with my own finances I wanted to help other people achieve the same type of success. I know it can be difficult to trust someone to help you with such a personal challenge but as the German proverb states “A problem shared is a problem halved”

I am so committed to your success that we’ve introduced a Rewards Program that rewards you in the form of cash backs and gifts just for taking action throughout the Spending Planner Program. For far too long rewards programs have given points and prizes based on you spending more. We reward you for spending less and sticking to the plan you create.

Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or just send me a message. There is certainly no obligation in a chat.

I am also very passionate about making an impact in our global community. We are fortunate to be part of B1G1’s Giving program  as well as supporting Australian youth and domestic violence programs.