Spending Planner – Amira MacCue

After 20 years in the workforce in a variety of roles, Amira decided to set up Your Money Habit. She spent some time working in the fitness industry before working in community services as a support worker/carer and most recently as a Manager for a recreation program that supports adults with disabilities.

She has an extremely positive personality and is goal oriented. When she sets her mind to something she’ll do what it takes to achieve it.

A problem solver, she likes to develop solutions that will help people and give them the guidance they need to make progress.

Amira is an excellent communicator who has an aptitude for working with people from all types of backgrounds in a variety of roles and empowering them.

She was motivated to start the business because she had grown up in a family that was constantly worried about money and spent most of her adult life in financial difficulty too. In 2005 she’d had enough of living in fear- fear of not being able to financially support herself and her children, fear of creditors asking for money she didn’t have, fear of just not being good enough. Amira decided to start searching for a better way and stumbled across what is now known as “The Spending Planner Program” She has never looked back. Amira then realised that like her, most people find themselves in financial trouble because they were never taught how to manage money.

It isn’t just money that she helps you with. Money worries can cause a whole host of issues, emotional and physical. Many relationships breakdown over money so by getting financial help you could be saving your relationships in the long run.

She genuinely wants to help people so that they can live happier more fulfilled lives that are free of money dramas.

When Amira isn’t working, she likes to spend time with her family or she’ll be found exercising, reading or travelling.

Contact Amira on +61 +61 447 931 077. She’d be happy to help with your finances.