Let me ask you
  1. Do you KNOW the exact balance of your bank accounts today?
  2. now Do you know what that balance should  be so you can meet your financial obligations for the next 7-28 days?
  3. would you like to know what that balance needs to be in 6 months from now? How about 1 year from now?
to be financially successful you to be the one in charge of your money instead of money mastering you.
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Lets face it managing your finances can be challenging and time consuming but what is it costing you to do nothing?

$1000 a year, $5,000 a year maybe $10,000 every year or more?

Do you feel like you’re just not making any progress?

Getting further and further into debt?

Are you missing out on your dream holiday?

Missing the opportunity to buy a home?

Missing time with your family and friends?

Constant worry?

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I’m Amira MacCue, founder of Your Money Habit. My mission is to help people be able to wake up everyday knowing that all their bills are paid on time, they feel secure about their future and are enjoying quality time with family and friends.

I was motivated to start the business because I grew up in a family that was constantly worried about money and that then translated into financial worries as an adult too.



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